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For most of the people it always depends on who you are facing, whether you define yourself by what you do OR who you are. For myself I realized that these two things have to mesh. Doing an every day job in the morning to live in the afternoon is out of the question. How much lifetime would I waste? I carry my love for aesthetic images everywhere, even though I do not always carry a camera. There are so many lovely moments in life. Beautiful faces, breathtaking sunsets. You gotto learn to appreciate the beauty around you. Freedom and joy is what we pursue for.


See the world whenever you get a chance

I consider myself really lucky to be able to get around and see different places. Whether for work or personal travels – I enjoy every new experience with different environments, people and adventures. Sometimes it might be right in front of your door, sometimes thousands of km away… Some of the trips I enjoyed the most brought me to countries and places like

European Alpes // Ireland // Croatia // NYC (US) // Nevada (US) // Hawaii // French Polynesia // New Zealand Alpes // Australia // Hong Kong // Vietnam // Cambodia // Qatar // Maharashtra (India)